• 2010 – Conley Fabrication, LLC formed as a service/repair shop for semi-trailers and truck bodies.
  • 2011 – Built the first Conley aluminum dump body.
  • 2012 – Increased involvement in building products for oil and gas industry.
  • 2015 – Outgrew our space! Moved into new 22,500-square–foot production facility.
  • Today – Continuing to expand products lines and service area, assuming high-growth position in the Mid-Atlantic States, with reputation for responsiveness and service. Adding steel and stainless dump bodies, stake bodies, dump trailers and specialty projects for oil/gas industry.

The Crew Stays Together

When a skilled production team from one of America’s most successful truck-trailer manufacturers was faced with re-location, its members agreed: let’s stay right here in the Mid-Ohio Valley of West Virginia, and join our 300+ years of combined experience into a brand new company with a bright, new vision.

Today, you’ll see the Conley logo on trucks in much of the country. Its niche is providing a high-quality product, at a reasonable price, that solves unique customer problems.

When others try to sell you their products, Conley creates solutions based on your requirements.

Experienced Leadership

Nothing stimulates pride in workmanship more than watching one’s project evolve from start to finish. That’s why Conley has developed a team approach to its production process. No assembly lines here. The team that begins your product finishes your product – from the drawing board to clean-up. And each worker gets to see his/her work become a shiny, hard-working piece of equipment.


Conley’s spacious new facility, completed in 2015, provides production teams with room to maneuver heavy equipment. Everything from lighting and environmental controls promote efficient workspaces.

Our new plasma cutting equipment is computerized, allowing the Conley engineering department to create drawings to your specifications, send the spec’s to the cutting table, receive hard-copy drawings, including drawings directly onto the material being cut. Once approved, all grades of aluminum, plus steel from mild grade to Hardox 600 abrasion-resistant up to 1” thick can be cut accurately and smoothly.

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